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2018 Roush F-250 Super Duty

2019 Roush F-250 Super Duty

The 2019 ROUSH F-250 Super Duty gets the job done with the impressive class-leading specs Ford engineered into this award winning truck while the ROUSH parts adds the look and improved capability without sacrificing the quality of parts and performance you need. Careful attention has been made when ROUSH designed the Super Duty upfit package. As a no compromise work truck with massive towing and hauling capabilities, it was important to ROUSH to ensure all parts meet and exceed the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) level of certification for both handling and safety.

The end result is a steadfast workhorse built with quality Ford and ROUSH parts that will help improve the capabilities of the truck without any compromise to performance, towing and safety.



The 2019 ROUSH F-250 Super Duty comes with an aggressive style that makes a statement at work or on the street. The front is treated with a custom fit ROUSH grille with LED accent lighting, front and rear colour matched bumper covers (that still allows adaptive cruise control to work), colour matched fender flares with LED accent lighting and a hood/side/tailgate graphics package to set it off.

2019 ROUSH F-250 Super Duty Exterior Components:

  • ROUSH Precision Fit Grille with Accent Lighting
  • Front/Rear Colour Matched Bumper Covers (Adaptive Cruise Capable)
  • Colour Matched Fender Flares with Accent Lighting>
  • ROUSH Branded Hitch Cover
  • Hood Graphic
  • ROUSH Branded Front Windshield Banner
  • Rocker Graphic with Accent
  • Tailgate Blackout Graphic

Optional Body Components:

2019 Roush F-250 Super Duty Exterior


2019 Roush F-250 Super Duty Interior

True to its form, ROUSH’s interiors are kept subtle. There’s enough to know you’re in something special, with no extrinsic flare or gaudy accessories that screams for attention. Passengers are greeted with ROUSH branded WeatherTech floor liners (front and rear), ROUSH embroidered front headrests, and the pièce de résistance - the serialized ROUSH factory dash plaque that authenticates the vehicle as a ROUSH registered factory build with limited production numbering. With optional interior components available, you’re able to make your new ROUSH F-250 Super Duty truly your own.

2019 ROUSH F-250 Super Duty - Interior Components:

  • ROUSH Branded Moulded Floor Liners by WeatherTech (front and rear)
  • ROUSH Embroidered Headrests
  • ROUSH Serialized Dash Plaque
  • ROUSH Gauge Cluster Overlay (diesel only)

Optional Interior Components:

  • ROUSH Off Road Utility Kit
  • ROUSH Branded Console Vault
  • ...and more as seen on RoushPerformance.com



Available for both the 6.2L V8 and the legendary 450hp / 930 lb/ft 6.7L PowerStroke Diesel, ROUSH adds tasteful performance enhancements without adversely affecting towing or safety. The included Fox 2.0 Performance Series suspension system is proven to provide stability on and off road ...even while towing or hauling. The suspension system allows for larger tires and provides better handling than in stock formation without any performance sacrifices! The suspension system also gives the truck a 1.5-inch height increase to the front to level the stance and give it that menacing look. When the 6.7L PowerStroke Diesel is equipped, a new ROUSH DPF-Back exhaust system will increase air flow, not to mention a powerful exhaust note from the dual 5-inch tips.

2019 ROUSH F-250 Super Duty Performance Components:

  • 20-inch Bead Lock Style Rims with Black or Gray Trims
  • BFGoodrich K02 All-Terrain LT325/60R20 Tires
  • Capped Chrome Lug Nuts with Washer Bearing Surface
  • Fox 2.0 Performance Series Suspension System
  • ROUSH DPF-Back Dual Tip Exhaust System (diesel only)

Optional Performance Components:

2019 Roush F-250 Super Duty Performance



When you buy a ROUSH factory built vehicle, you get more than the sum of its parts…you get a promise of quality backed with a real warranty. All ROUSH components and workmanship are backed by a 3 year / 57,000 KM warranty that is redeemable at your local ROUSH dealer - Petrie Ford! Likewise, the non-ROUSH (or Ford) parts and workmanship are also covered in the same way by Ford that any F-250 Super Duty would! Enjoy a customized performance vehicle with a fully backed Ford and Roush Warranty!

2019 ROUSH F-250 Super Duty

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