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2019 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang GT

2019 JackHammer Mustang

710 HP
5.0L Supercharged V8

5 Yr / 96K

1.07 g's

2019 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang GT

2019 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang GT

The top tier – Stage 3 – Roush Mustang GT is back in 2019 with a well-balanced and fierce 710HP and 650 lb-ft of torque! The power delivery is smooth and easy to manage on the street, and when put to task on the track, it rewards drivers of all skill levels with unrivalled performance delivered in a smooth and visceral oomf! When equipped with the 3-way adjustable coil over – race proven – Roush suspension, you’re not just passing in the straights… you’re overtaking in the corners (on the outside) at a face bending 1.07g’s!

Often imitated but impossible to duplicate, the 2019 Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT is built with the highest quality – race proven – proprietary parts that are NOT sold through Roush’s parts channel. From the precision injection moulded Roush R8 aero kit, to the engine preparation and branded interior touches, your limited edition Roush built and serialized Stage 3 Mustang GT is truly a unique, one of a kind, muscle masterpiece. Available in 6-speed manual and lightning fast shifting 10-speed automatic, these Mustang’s are rare, fast & collected by auto connoisseurs…



The 2019 Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT has a unique look with parts that are reserved for the Stage 3 variant only. The precision injection moulded R8 aero kit is aggressive in appearance and extremely functional in design. In the front it features a high-flow upper grille with the iconic “3” badge (that tells the rubber-neckers ‘this is the fast one’), a widened lower grille, aero corner pockets that helps to shoot air around the wheel wells, and an aggressive and very functional chin spoiler that greatly improves down force on the track. The aggressive side skirts continue the chin spoiler lines from the front to the rear, while a side scoop, Roush badging and option quarter window scoop complete the look on the side. The rear gets a functional and aggressive diffuser, a decklid spoiler, and Roush branded backplate between the taillights.

The 2019 stage 3 Roush Mustang GT comes with 20” ROUSH Quicksilver-finished wheels and Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires. The standard Stage 3 graphics package can also be customized across a wide array of colours and patterns.

2019 Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT Exterior Components:

  • Roush R8 Aero Body Kit
  • Roush Graphics Package – Stage 3 only hockey stripe
  • Serialized ROUSH plaques
  • Hood strut lift assist
  • High Flow Upper Grille
  • High Flow Lower Opening
  • Front Chin Spoiler with Wheel Shrouds
  • Hood Heat Extractors
  • Body Side Scoop
  • Fender badges
  • ROUSHcharged Hood Graphic
  • Rear blackout panel with ROUSH badging
  • Body coloured decklid spoiler
  • Rear Valence Aero Foils
  • ROUSH front windshield banner
  • ROUSH license plate frame

Optional Exterior Components:

  • Graphics: Top Performance Stripe.
  • Low gloss black rear decklid spoiler
  • Ebony black cast 20-inch wheels.
  • Palladium gray Forged 20-inch wheels.
  • Quarter window scoops.
  • ...and more as seen on RoushPerformance.com
2019 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang GT Exterior


2019 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang GT Interior

The 2019 Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT interior comes standard with subtly noticeable ROUSH branded components that will tip off any passenger that they’re sitting in something special. There are many optional custom interior parts to choose from that will make your Stage 3 ROUSH truly your own.

Every 2019 Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT comes with a special Roush factory serialized dash plaque which indicates the ROUSH factory registration number and the build order number. Upon entering the vehicle you’ll be greeted with an illuminated ROUSH door sill plate and high quality ROUSH embroidered floor mats. Likewise, when the analogue gauges are equipped (as opposed to the optional large 8” LCD cluster), you will see a ROUSH branded instrument gauge cluster.

Finally no glovebox is complete without manuals. A special ROUSH owner’s guide and a ROUSH Powertrain owner’s guide are included to ensure proper care of your collectable for years to come.

2019 Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT Interior Components:

  • ROUSH Stage 3 serialized dash plaque
  • ROUSH design instrument cluster
  • ROUSH embroidered floor mats
  • ROUSH illuminated sill plates
  • ROUSH Owner’s & Powertrain guides.

Optional Interior Components

  • ROUSH embroidered leather seating (base and Recaro)
  • ROUSH Billet Aluminum Performance Pedals.
  • 6-Speed shifter ball (in black, red, or white)
  • ROUSH Trunk Mounted Tool Kit.



From supplying engines for Nascar, Formula Drift and many other top-tier racing teams, it’s safe to say ROUSH is synonymous with Motorsports. Roush prepares the 5.0L Coyote V8 with the same care, precision, training that makes them the best in the industry. ROUSH is so confident that every Stage 3 Roush Mustang GT is backed by a 5 yr, 96,000 KM powertrain warranty… from the top of the supercharger to the bottom of the oil pan, your high performance engine and transmission are covered!

The ROUSHCHARGED TVS 2650 supercharger package has proven to take the Mustang GT to all new levels of power (710 HP and 650 LB-FT), while not sacrificing reliability that consumers demand. This ROUSHCHARGED kit is so impressive that Ford Performance has dropped their own line of Superchargers for this ROUSHCHARGED kit which they are now selling through the Ford Performance website and dealers. Warrantied high performance; perfect!

With the ROUSHCHARGED Stage 3 Mustang GT comes a lot of custom preparation work, care and a plethora of performance parts designed for reliable go-fast! On-top of the custom engine preparation work required to fit the ROUSHCHARGER comes a plethora of performance parts that completes the Stage 3. Some of these parts include, and certainly not limited to: Custom cold air intake with larger throttle body, low temperature full race radiator system, custom all aluminum intercooler, fuel charging assembly with custom upper and lower intake manifolds… and a lot more!

Last but not least, the suspension has been swapped out for a custom ROUSH height-adjustable coil-over suspension system. The optional 3-way adjustable suspension is also available and achieves 1.07g’s in the corners! Since there are a series of custom exhaust options, we leave the optional exhaust choice up to the buyer at Petrie Ford – to be installed before delivery.

2019 Stage 3 ROUSH Mustang GT Performance Components:

  • ROUSH Serialized and Production Numbered Engine Plaque
  • ROUSH TVS 2650 Supercharger, Phase 1
  • ROUSH Low Temp Race Radiator System
  • ROUSH Custom Intake Manifold
  • ROUSH Custom High Flow induction & Throttle Body
  • ROUSH engine prep and calibration
  • ROUSH Cold Air Intake
  • ROUSH height-adjustable coil over suspension
  • …and a lot more

Optional Performance Components

  • ROUSH Quad Tip Performance Exhaust System
  • ROUSH Quad Tip Active Exhaust System
  • ROUSH Performance 3-way Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension
2019 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang GT Performance



On top of ROUSH’s inspired functional race aesthetics and high HP performance parts is a promise of quality. ROUSH prides themselves on offering an unparalleled commitment to engineering quality parts that are built to stand the test of time. As such, all ROUSH components in the JackHammer are backed by a 5 year, 96,000 KM warranty and your local authorized ROUSH Dealer – Petrie Ford – are trained to handle everything to do with your ROUSH vehicle. Likewise, the stock Mustang components are still backed by Ford of Canada’s 3 year, 60,000km comprehensive warranty.

2019 RS3 Mustang

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