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The Explorer: The right Name for This Ford Truck

Whether you’re a weekend worker or a weekend warrior, you are bound to fall in love with the 2016 Ford Explorer. For this model year, this delightful truck received some handy upgrades that its predecessors lacked, some of which were cosmetic and others of which were functional and gives this particular SUV a competitive edge.



Cosmetic Upgrade


In terms of the cosmetic upgrades, this year’s model is a bit sleeker. With five different trim levels ranging from the base model to platinum, lovers of the classic Explorer will love the added exterior chrome details, which are most prominently featured in the front grill. On the interior, drivers and passengers alike will enjoy the upgraded upholstery and trim.


Tech Upgrades


Speaking of drivers and passengers, one of the many upgrades that this year’s Ford SUV offers is more USB data ports, which will make it easier for everyone in the vehicle to keep their smart phones, tablets and other electronics charged on any exploration. Another tech upgrade includes harder tactile buttons for the various vehicle functions to make them more durable. Finally, the 2016 Explorer now has LED head and rear lights, which still include daytime running lights, auto delay lighting and dusk-sensing headlights.


Engine Upgrade


For the diehard Ford fan, the most important added feature of the 2016 Ford Explorer will be interested in what the new engine has to offer. This year brings with it a larger 2.32.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, an upgrade from the previous 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. This engine, unlike previous ones, can handle all-wheel drive. Yet for its increase, the engine in this Ford is quieter, making for a much more enjoyable riding experience.


All in all, this Ford promises to please its drivers and its passengers, whether they’re on their way to the office or the outdoors. Visit us at Petrie Ford to check out the 2016 Ford Explorer and get ready to rediscover everything you love to do.