UPDATED - MAY, 2020.

Thank you to all clients who remain diligent in taking precautions to limit your exposure and our staffs exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the first phase of kick-starting the economy has started, we have adapted our policies to ensure the safety of our staff and clientele. **PLEASE NOTE - Petrie Ford and its 5 departments are fully open to serve you. We do, however, have building entry policies - service customers, for example, cannot wait within the building for their vehicle to be serviced. Please read our department policies below to understand our modified processes to keep you safe. 

WE'LL COME TO YOU! - Vehicle Sales, Vehicle Servicing, Parts Ordering.

Vehicle Sales - Showroom is open to walk in business. 

The showroom (new, used and commercial sales departments) is completely open for business. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO WALK-IN - NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED. Please note door sign and read our entry rules. There are masks, gloves, hand sanitizer at every entrance to the showroom. Please use PPE when in the showroom. Please feel free to tell our staff what your comfort abilities are, we will respect that. We will also bring vehicles / test drives to your home. We have a sanitation process that allows us to safely drop-off test drive vehicles for a period of time! Please let us know how you're most comfortable doing business with us, and we'll do our best to safely make that happen! 


PHONE:   613 546 2211

Vehicle Servicing - Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Book your appointment online  or give us a call and we'll set up your servicing appointment. NO CHARGE customer driveway pick-up and drop-off available! Customers are also welcome to drop-off vehicles themselves; PLEASE NOTE - service customers may NOT wait for their vehicle servicing on premise. We will call, email, and/or text you when it is time to pick up your vehicle. PLEASE NOTE - We use the language 'DROP OFF TIME' when booking appointments. As we are running on limited staff, we cannot commit to exact appointment times as we did previous to COVID19. Please rest assured, your vehicle will be serviced in a very timely manner, we kindly ask for additional patience. 


PHONE:  613 546 2211 ext: 273

Book A Service Appointment

Ordering Parts - We Deliver!

We have 5 employees standing by the phones and email to take your part orders! Not unlike how we normally do business in the parts department, actually! Give us a call or email and we'll get your parts delivered! 

DIRECT PARTS PHONE: 613 544 6203


Why is Petrie Ford open?

It's our duty as an essential service to support the people we rely on to get us through this unprecedented time. Being an essential service does allow us to remain open, but the cost of doing so is taxing and comes with extremely hard decisions. Like most businesses right now, we are reassessing how we do business and adapting as quickly as possible to minimize the impact to our staff's and clientele's lives. It's a challenge that exacerbates by the day and management meets daily to ensure the best decisions are being made to ensure the safety of our staff and clients and Petrie Ford's own economic well-being.

Commercial Services

We operate one of the largest commercial truck service centers in the Eastern Corridor. We keep ambulances, police, utility, delivery and more on the road working for our well-being and economy. We also help other commercial repair depots by being the main hub supplier of commercial parts for many makes and models of commercial vehicles. We transport these parts to repair centers between Trenton and Cornwall on a daily basis.

Keeping Petrie Ford Safe

Petrie Ford has employed the following safe guards within the store and are modifying our routines and habits daily to ensure we are using the latest best practices:

  • Disinfecting surfaces throughout the day, including doorknobs, workspaces, Interac machines, and all frequently touched areas. Inventory vehicles that are touched are also wiped down thoroughly.
  • Our technicians are wearing gloves and thoroughly wiping down vehicles (steering wheel, shift knob covers, door handles, etc.) after servicing.
  • Staff has been instructed to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly throughout the day.
  • Refraining from hand shaking and maintaining a safe distance from each other.
  • Staying home at the first sign of illness.
Trying times

As we consider the lives and well-being of the 80+ employees in the Petrie Ford family, we have had to make extremely hard decisions. We have invested much time and resource into procuring any product or device which helps us in maintaining a sanitary workplace. We have unconditionally encouraged all of those who feel self-isolation is the right thing to do, to do so. And we have had to issue temporary staffing lay-offs, too. As we vie to keep the doors open and provide our essential services, it comes at a great cost. Profit is secondary to Petrie Ford. Right now we are all depending on professionals to get us through these strange times. The management at Petrie Ford is grateful for the professionals on staff who continue to show up to work every day and who keep other professionals and our clients driving towards an ultimate solution.

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