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Repair Your Credit While You Drive With Pride

2017 Flex Credit Challenged Customers

You probably never thought that you would be facing the problems of poor credit and the embarrassment it sometimes brings you. In today's world a good credit report can dictate where you live, were you work, and especially WHAT YOU DRIVE.

At Petrie Ford we take pride in being able to help people like yourself establish their credit while driving a vehicle they can truly be proud to call their own. We will work with you on a personal level to find the finance that fits your budget, a vehicle that you want, not one you have to accept because of your credit.

We will work with our wide array of lenders to get your credit back on track quickly and efficiently. Our lenders are focused solely on predicaments like yours. Be it bankruptcy, credit counseling, repossession, divorce, disability, self employment, separation, pension, missed payments, or maybe you never have had credit before. Whatever your situation they have encountered it, and are fully prepared to work with us at Petrie Ford to help you get back on the road with a vehicle that will give you the pride and dignity you deserve.

Avoid Frustration With Pre-approval

At Petrie Ford we take your personal information very seriously. Our credit application is fully protected so any and all information you provide us for pre-approval on your new vehicle is only shared with the financial institutions we feel will best suit your needs.

Once you complete the credit application and submit it to us we go to work for you. We will analyze it, and see what is the best way to present it to our lenders. Should there be information we are missing we will be in touch with you immediately either by phone or e-mail so not to keep you waiting.

Should everything be in order we will be back to you within 24 hours to arrange the next step and that is to pick out your new vehicle!

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Credit Centre At Petrie Ford, Kingston, Ontario

Petrie Ford, Kingston, Ontario

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