Dedication - 54 years on the job.

elwyn watts employee of the month 300x217Elwyn Watts has been a staple at Edwards / Petrie Ford for over 54 years.

...and after a long, successful career, Elwyn has decided to retire this year.  We'll miss him dearly.

We have the original 'new hire' file folder from 1963 - the year Elwyn stared at Petrie Ford (then called Edwards Ford).    The dealership then was located downtown on Princess St.  It wasn't until 1967 that Edwards Ford traded properties with the Pontiac dealership and moved to its current location at 1388 Bath Road (at the corner of Bath and Centennial). Much of Bath Road was dirt road at the time, and the west end was just starting to be developed.

Elwyn's start real  elwyn  watts 190x300ing title - in 1963 -  was "stock clerk" according to his 'new hire' file.  That position evolved along with his vast knowledge of auto parts over the years.  Since those early day's he's long held the position of "Wholesale Parts Specialist" having catered to our business-to-business clients for decades.

He's become a bit of a local legend in the automotive community. He's well known and trusted as being a true expert on all things relating to automotive parts!

It's safe to say that not many people work for over 54 years.  It's an achievement the likes of which the current and next generation of workers will probably never see.  After such a long tenure, his retirement announcement is certainly bitter-sweet.  It's well deserved time off, but he'll certainly leave a hole in our Petrie Ford hearts!

All the best Elwyn. Good luck in your new chapter in life!

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