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What is a Ford Authorized "Business Preferred Network" (BPN) Dealer?

The Business Preferred Network (BPN) is a highly accredited distinction which allows only the best Ford Dealers to go above and beyond the scope of 'everyday business' to give commercial and fleet customers a truly red carpet experience.

Petrie Ford has been a commercial and fleet dealer for over 30 years. Upon the inception of the BPN program 10 years ago and with our recognized sales and service excellence we were invited to the Business Preferred Network to specifically cater to the commercial clients between Toronto and Montreal. That's right, there's only one BPN dealer between Toronto and Montreal, and we're it!

Our full service set of standards includes, and is never limited to:

  • Your vehicle consultation and purchase.
  • Interior and exterior equipment upfitting: consultation, supply, and installation.
  • Priority service and repair: minimizing downtime as much as possible.
  • A full-time commercial consultant on stand-by for questions and concerns.
  • Routine maintenance programs to maximize your vehicles' efficiently and longevity.
  • The 'Peace of Mind' vehicle service programs to help you save time and expense.

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What's the advantage over a normal Ford Dealer?

Competitive Price Allowance (CPA) Discounts

The Business Preferred Network gives Petrie Ford access to special Ford Head Office discounting that no other 'regular' Ford store has access to. This can be a very substantial discount that's applied over and above your negotiated price and regularly advertised promotions. Any Ford store will negotiate a price and will apply the advertised promotion, but only a BPN dealer like Petrie Ford can call Ford's Head Office's and obtain a special (and usually substantial) CPA discount to be applied in addition to the rest.

Free Upfitting Assistance

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The Business Preferred Network (BPN) provides FREE cash to upfit your vehicle. Through our BPN franchise, we are able to provide you with up to $3,000 in FREE cash to be used towards tooling, racks, partitions, plows and more! No other 'normal' Ford store is able to provide this discount as it's awarded to clients of BPN dealers exclusively.

Examples of upfitting:

  • Racks, bins and interior shelving packages
  • Vehicle wrap packages
  • Ladder racks and van lining
  • Safety partitions / bulkheads
  • Dump body
  • Snow plows & salt spreaders
  • Flat decks and landscape bodies
  • Towing and recovery bodies
  • Utility bodies and cranes
  • Refrigeration bodies & systems
  • Cube van
  • Service and utility bodies
Specially Trained One-On-One Consultation

Do you have 'a guy' you can call 24/7 for all your vehicle needs? We have them and their specially trained to know their commercial vehicles like the back of their hand. From spec'ing out your next dump-truck to knowing the GVWR calculations to ensure you're going to have a vehicle that meets your expectations. It's our business to know yours, provide expert consultation, and to provide you with white glove service for the duration of your commercial vehicle ownership. From vehicle to parts and service these truly are "consultants" who are rigorously trained to the very strict standards that the BPN program demands. You have one point of contact for everything we do here.

…our clients love saying "let me call my guy about that".

Vehicles Built to Fit Your Business

Question: Can an F-450 chassis cab have a dump bed, a split plow, with a sander and tow an oversized trailer with a tongue weight of 2000lbs… and carry a crew of 5 to and from the job site?

That's a tough question, but it's a good example of how our special commercial training allows us to ask the right questions to truly understand your business needs. When you get a vehicle that's the right size with the right equipment, you save time and money. It's our business to know yours, and the better we know how you use your vehicles the better you can efficiently tackle your projects.

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Commercial Financing, Leasing, Lines of Credit, In-House Payment Plans

We have an extensive array of commercial financing solutions to help manage your cash flow. From long-term financing to in-house payment solutions, our clients benefit from special Business Preferred Network financial solutions that no other 'normal' Ford store can offer.

Commercial Lease Program

A customizable lease plan that can be tailored to meet your business needs. Work smart with a customized plan for your business. CommerciaLease is a customizable, open-ended lease program that allows flexibility to set the residual based upon business requirements.

Our Commercial Lease clients take advantage of this very special program:

  • High kilometrage and heavy usage vehicles
  • Vehicle modifications and upfits
  • Benefits Flexible terms
  • Combined billing
  • No acquisition, up-front administration or termination fees
  • No kilometrage restrictions
  • No wear and tear penalties
  • Commercial Finance and Lease Programs
Commercial Line of Credit

Why use your existing bank to acquire vehicles? The Commercial Line of Credit frees up the cash you need to keep your operations running or to invest in the next big thing! There are many advantages of the Commercial Line of Credit for the right clients. For example if you need to add a vehicle to your fleet, and fast the Commercial Line of Credit can help you get them quickly. Other advantages are, and not limited to:

  • Credit approvals for up to 12 months
  • Credit lines starting at $250,000
  • No fees
  • Saves time when additional vehicles are needed
  • Covers all your eligible vehicle financing needs
  • Frees up capital for other investments
  • Provides convenience with pre-approved Lines of Credit
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Commercial Financing

Some businesses just want to own their vehicles outright. We do a lot of standard financing for many commercial clients. We work with several major commercial lenders to provide the best possible payment solution that fits your bill!

  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive rates
In-House Finance and Leasing Solutions

Petrie Ford has been a private commercial and retail lender for over 60 years. We're just like a bank! For businesses who need to establish credit (have no credit) or if your company is going through credit issues… and for highly customized payment plans, we provide credit and payment plans that suit your particular needs. Of course, just like any lender, application and approval is required.

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