Kingston Used Car Listings - Done Right!

What makes a great used car listing in the Kingston area? What information do you need to make a quick decision to pursue a particular vehicle further?  Used car shopping has become an endless online loop of searching vehicles and researching consumer guides and reviews.... and that's not a bad thing!  Car shoppers are highly educated on the exact vehicles they seek - moreso than the car industry gives credit for!   So how do dealer's cater to these new information seekers? Well, in my case... I give them exactly what they want - MORE INFORMATION THAN THEY EXPECTED!   Here's what I do...

Quality Write Ups... 

We've all searched for used cars in Kingston and we've all seen the same thing. Right? The used cars that sell quickly in Kingston have a story attached to them. Something that's almost tangible to the reader.  When I list a used car for sale in Kingston, I always dig as deep as I can and find the story!  Heck, 75% of the vehicles on our used lot in Kingston were owned by loyal Edwards Ford customer's. Knowing that your next vehicle was owned by one family and has had all of its regular servicing done at Edward's Ford is noteworthy - it needs to be known!  It's good marketing practice for me (other dealer's stop reading here...),  and it's VERY important information for you the buyer!

It's bizarre for me to see a laundry list of options without having a little bit of history. I am sure it's the same for everyone else looking at endless ads, too. Give me something to read!

Here's my used car inventory in Kingston: CLICK HERE TO SEE IT  .... I've done my best to give as much as i can on the vehicle, in plain English without the same old:  feature, option,

feature, option, feature, option descriptions we always see.

Instant Email and Report Service... 

Have you ever sent in a request for more information and didn't hear back for a solid day or two...or sometimes never at all?   It's annoying, and talk about a waste of time!   It's our goal to reply to every single inquiry blazingly fast!  While we're open your 'request for more information' is replied to as quickly as we received it!  Likewise, if you send in a request after hours or on Saturday or Sunday... you'll get a nice greeting from me giving you a timeline to the first possible moment we can give it to you... (no, it's not automated... it's me trying away, usually from my BlackBerry).   If you need information fast to help make a decision, we'll get it to you fast!

Same with those dealer's who hide their CarProof reports. What's the point?  Either it's a clean car or it's not. To me it's completely unintuitive to have clean CarProof reports and not allow instant access to them.  So when you're looking at our used car stock in Kingston you can click the "CarProof" report button and you'll instantly see the report. No waiting, no submitting information. You get it right away!  It usually takes a day or two for each new piece of inventory to have a report... but they all are instantly free once done on our side.

Videos for all! 

If a Video is worth a 1000 pictures and a picture is worth a 1000 words... than every time I post a video on our used car inventory page I save myself typing 1,000,000 words!   But seriously, I do my best to pick out a handful of used cars every week and make a 5 to 10 minute walk around video of the inside and outside!  Why not?   Everyone likes to take a tour, and by offering this tour in the comfort of your own home helps me arm you with more information to make a great decision. We have quality used cars and we're happy to show them off!

If you see a vehicle with no video on the page - all you need to do is ask!  We are happy to get one up and on the site in no time!  I will admit, Focus', Escape's and F-150's sell very quickly... so we tend to take a video of vehicles that are on the lot longer than a week or so.  That said, we will shoot a quality HD video of any vehicle. Just ask for it!

Used cars in Kingston priced below market average!

In the car business you learn quickly that everything has a "sit" price and everything has a "sale" price. In the old day's (before the internet) dealer's set the price and customer's walked on the lot.  Today, customer's come to your lot when you have the right price. Used car sales has reversed the players. Now shopper's know the average price of any particular car they're looking at BEFORE stepping foot on any lot.  Furthermore, they won't step foot on a car lot unless they know the car they want there is priced right.

So the question is:  How does Edwards Ford price its used cars in Kingston?

To which I always answer:  With expensive software that I pay every month for!  : )Long story short, we subscribe to one of the most sophisticated pieces of pricing and appraising software any premium dealer can find. For example:  If you were looking at a 2005 Ford Focus SES with a moonroof and leather seats...and it's red.  I could tell you exactly how many of those are for sale in the country, in the county or in the city. I can crawl out of Kingston by a few KMs or by a lot.  I could tell you how many 2005 Focus' there were compared to the SES trim level with a moonroof that are in red.  I can compare the prices and see how long each one of those I found have been for sale for or if there's a deal pending.  I can see at what price I need to price my vehicles at in order to move them quickly off the lot.

After all, it's no longer about margin... it's about moving inventory and keeping it fresh!  We aim to put all of our used cars in Kingston under the average market selling price. That keeps customer's interested and our inventory moving.  Customer's are very educated and the market price dictates a sale these days, not the dealership. We keep everything below the average market price.  : )  That's good to know.

The used car game has changed and customer's are more educated and demanding...and rightfully so!  I find that when you give customer's everything they want at the exact time they want it (usually 'now-ish') you get happier more truly satisfied clients.  The Kingston used car scene is competitive, what dealer has recently stepped up their online game to help you recently?  (I'm totally pointing at myself right now). When you're spending a huge amount of your hard earned money, shouldn't you be treated accordingly?   I know I would, I set my online standards to literally be the best in the area. That is my commitment to my fellow customers.


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