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Ford Bronco 2023: New Versions to Come



It can be said that the Ford Bronco has experienced tremendous success since its arrival on the market, which has allowed the manufacturer to expand its range multiple times. Currently, the off-road SUV is offered in 9 different versions, not even including the Everglades edition, which was only available for a brief period.


The popularity of the Bronco is still on the rise, which is why Ford plans to add new versions to the lineup in the coming months. At least, that's what Jim Baumbick, the Vice President of Product Development and Quality Operations, mentioned in a recent interview at the Automotive Summit organized by Bank of America.


Exercising Imagination


With such an extensive range as the current Bronco lineup, it's hard to imagine what more the American manufacturer could do. After all, off-road driving is the central focus of the Bronco, and it explores all possible avenues in that regard. Ford has had successes with the Heritage editions and the Raptor version.


No official information has been provided by Ford on this matter, but we can still speculate and discuss the rumors circulating online. Although I highly doubt that the American manufacturer will take such a route one day, some are suggesting the possibility of an Raptor R model, similar to the F-150. If such a version were to materialize, the chances of it being powered by a V8 are quite slim.


Ford could also propose other special editions with various themes, similar to the Everglades model. Who knows, maybe we could even see a version named after a renowned environmentally challenging location in Canada, such as the Rockies, for example.


There is another possibility that no one has talked about and, in my opinion, is the most logical of all. Ford could certainly offer an extended version of the Bronco, similar to what Land Rover did with the Defender. Additional cargo space could make the American manufacturer's SUV even more versatile during great adventures or allow for the addition of a third row of seats, making it the ultimate vehicle for going on a safari.


The Question of the Future


Earlier, I mentioned that the 2023 Ford Bronco lineup is already very comprehensive, but there is something missing from the American manufacturer's SUV, and that is an electrified powertrain. Whether it's a hybrid version, a plug-in hybrid version, or simply a 100% electric version, the Ford Bronco should offer at least one electrified variant in the coming years; it's undeniable. Whether we like it or not, it's the current trend and the future path for the majority of automakers.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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