Pony car offers drivers a big kick

Source: MetroNews.ca

If you saw this creature for the first time, and it wasn't wearing Mustang badges, you would still instantly recognize it as the newest version of this famous sports coupe.

Stylists themed it on the "fastback" Mustang body style, with swooping windshield and rear glass. It's low overall, which makes it seem smaller than its main rivals, Challenger and Camaro.

Stylists gave it a new face, while retaining those two requisite Mustang elements -- a shark-like mouth and trapezoidal grille.

Of course, the 2015 Mustang has the long hood/short rear deck look that defined the original "Pony Car" segment and which Mustang pioneered.

The cabin is cosy, with a big Mustang emblem is front and centre on the steering wheel, lest you forget which you're sitting in.

But there's no chance of that, because your look out over the hood is drawn to the ridges running down the length of the hood, to further draw attention to that long hood, which could only be part of a Mustang. The dash, instrument panel, and everything inside have a nicely finished and chiselled look, but seem smaller than what you'd see in a sedan. The back seat is tight and challenging to access.

But all feels right on the money in the driver's seat. Our tester had the base 3.7-litre V6, good for 300 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, and it rumbles to life with authority.

Ford engineers went out of their way to give the V-6 a more distinctive rumble and give occupants some Mustang atmosphere. Contrived? Maybe, but delightful nevertheless.

Once underway, the Mustang's emphasis on agility is apparent. Mustang was famous for hanging onto an old-school solid rear axle set-up up in rear.

This Mustang is the first to feature an integral-link independent rear suspension; only one of the many chassis and suspension refinements that vault Mustang to a new level of agility.

Steering is precise and adds to the fun factor, though like most everything out there these days, steering feel is on the disconnected side.

Our tester had the 6-speed manual transmission, and it was also fun to manipulate, though not as slick as some.

A base Mustang, might not be an outright sports car, but as an affordable grand tourer, or a vehicle less ordinary to take you and your significant other on fun roadtrips, it's an absolute winner.

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