The Ford Smoothie

Why a smoothie?

Over the last decade, we've been building Ford trucks and SUVs with plant-based materials. That means you can drive a Ford, but you can also drink some of the stuff that goes into a Ford. 

To prove it, we took some of the delicious plant-based materials we use to build Ford vehicles, bottled them, and made it available to you as a healthy, delicious smoothie.


The Ford Smoothie is made with some of the plant-based materials used to build Ford vehicles of the past and the present. To add a little taste of the future, we also included a

handful of extra ingredients that are currently being researched for Ford vehicles of the future.

Coconut, Soy, Rice, Orange, Agave, Algae, Prickly Pear.

Built for the future

From using recycled and renewable plastics to building vehicles with innovative plant-based by-products that may otherwise be thrown directly into landfills, we're committed to building a more sustainable tomorrow.

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