Tips for Purchasing a Reliable Used Car

When you are shopping for a used car, there are several things you should look into before signing on the dotted line.  Unlike new vehicles, each pre-owned vehicle has a history and is unique.  Before you go, it is worthwhile to look up information on the type of car you have in mind.  You should make notes on what the car is worth, how much they typically sell for in your area, what features come on the standard model, safety ratings, and fuel economy, to name a few.

Buying a car from Edward's Ford  gives you several advantages over buying from an individual, including the option to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, which has been thoroughly inspected and generally has at least one warranty available.  If the vehicle you want is not a certified pre-owned vehicle, you will want to have a mechanic inspect it for you to make sure that it will be reliable and that there are no major defects.  It is a good idea to ask to see service records on the car, too.  If a car has not had regular maintenance or has been in a wreck you'll want to steer clear.  You can use the vehicle identification number, or VIN, to get a detailed history report.

Test-driving a used car is even more important than the new car test drive, because you'll need to be alert to several crucial things.  Listen to the engine and the transmission for suspicious noises on starting, when accelerating, and climbing hills.  Make sure the brakes aren't spongy or soft, and that they don't squeal.  Try out the defroster and the heater to make sure that they work and that they don't put out a bad smell.  Look for unpleasant stains on the seats and floor boards, because they may be permanent.

Aside from reliability issues, make sure it's a vehicle that suits your needs, with safety features like air bags and seat belts, plenty of leg room and cargo space, and the extra features you want like air conditioning, a working radio, a moon roof, or leather seats.  It isn't difficult to get a reliable used car as long as you do your homework.

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