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Welcome to Petrie Ford’s Finance & Leasing department.

We are one of the only dealerships in the Kingston area to offer so many options to get you the rates you need to get into your new or used vehicle!

Great credit, bad credit, or no credit – we have the most partnered lenders in Kingston on hand to get you rolling in no time.  We have over 64 years of financing business under our belt, and our lasting partnerships with our lenders over these years gives YOU some great leverage to secure – not just competitive rates – but the best rates in town!

Ford Credit Finance & Leasing – benefits
  • Aggressive lease residuals!
  • Convenient payments, monthly or bi-weekly!
  • Company vehicle?  No hassles company credit!
  • Low rates, as low as 0% purchase or lease financing!
  • Open loans and leases, no penalty or interest on buyouts!
  • First time buyer’s program, easy ‘no credit’ payment plans!
  • Long terms, as long as 84 months purchase and 48 months lease!
  • Competitive rates
  • Open loans up to 96 months
  • Special rates for the creditly challenged
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly payments
  • We are partnered with many banks all of whom want your business!
Business Preferred Clients: Finance & Leasing Benefits
  • Flexible terms
  • No hidden fees
  • Combined billing
  • Competitive rates
  • New and Used vehicles
  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Frees up your existing credit lines
  • Vehicle modifications and upfitting
  • High mileage and heavy usage vehicles
  • Commercial line of credit available for servicing
  • Cars, Crossovers, SUVs, Trucks, and Commercial vehicles 
Cash Payments Benefits
  • Unrivaled cash discounts given
  • Special New Car cash discounts

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Bad Credit Car Loan and Auto Financing Trenton, Ontario

Car Loans Trenton

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